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About Skin

Steps To Skin Care

Step 1 - Cleansing

Purpose : Removes make up, contamination & dead cells. Unblock pores for active ingredients to penetrate later, “over cleansing” can leads to too loss of sebum & moisture (NMF). Selection of right cleanser based on skin type is important.

  • Encourage to cleanse twice a day, morning & before sleeping, preferable use warm water
  • Gently rub face with cleanser for 20 – 25 seconds with finger tips
  • Splash running water until residue finished
  • Gentle pat dry it with a soft face towel but still remains moist

Step 2 - Toning

Purpose : Further removes balance contamination for cleaner face. As toner is alcohol based, it helps to close and tighten our pores. Different skin types need different toner strength. Avoid those toners with SD 40 alcohol – dry & side effects

  • Application of it by tapping the toner onto face and massage
  • If dry & mature skin, use milder toner to minimize sebum & moisture loss
  • Toning is important for oily skin as it removes balance excessive sebum
  • Toning removes the epidermis dead skin layer and expose young & healthy cells (glow)

Step 3 - Moisturizing

Purpose : Replenish moisture loss of our skin due to aging, external factors e.g. sun & wind. Moisturizer also rebalance our skin pH levels as to encourage skin cells regeneration. Remember our skin cells have > 70% water in it

  • Gently apply directly on to face and massage it
  • Only use oil free moisturizer for oily skin as excessive sebum exists
  • Emulsion moisturizer (water + oil) are suitable for those dry & aging skins
  • Moisturizing is exceptionally important in low humidity environment e.g. air condition

Next steps during day time

Spot care

UV care

Make up

Next steps during night time*

Rejuvenating care

Spot care

*May not need to moisturize at night if rejuvenating care is applied, Spot care will be after rejuvenating steps

Caring for our skin – routine & simple steps