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About Skin

Pigmentation & Blemish

  1. Pigmentation/blemishes is accumulation of dark pigment, melanin. Melanin is produced and triggered by sun exposure. Hence sun protection is of utmost importance for a clear complexion.
    • Sun spots – exposure to sun, especially, cheeks, cheek bones & nose
    • Freckles – light brown spots caused by excess sun exposure & genetics
    • Post acne – reddish or black – squeezing of pimples & unsuitable products
    • Melasma – butterfly shaped mark - pregnancy, hormonal change & genetics
    • Aged spots – brown or dark spots – after 50 years old, - over production of melanin as our skin getting thinner & over exposure to sun
    • Computer radiation – pigmentation due to over usage of computer rays
    • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – due to injury or inflammation
  2. Wrinkles are part of aging process when our skin gets thinner, drier & less elastic. Hence wrinkles, creases & lines appear. Environment can accelerate the process too. To slow down the process
    • Stay hydrated with sufficient water intake & moisturizer
    • Application of anti-oxidant cream – Vitamin C & Vitamin E
    • Protection from sun exposure with sunscreen, hats & sunglasses
    • Moisturizing face mask
  3. Moisture on our skin is the natural barrier against external elements. Maintaining the right moisture & sebum levels (pH) is critical. A good moisturizer can enhance our skin as :-
    • Prevent our skin cells from shrinkage and brittle
    • Loosen up our pores to avoid sebum build up (acne)
    • Right pH level to prevent premature aging & dry skin
    • Moisturizer is best used after cleansing or shaving as natural sebum/oil & moisture are stripped