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About Skin

The sun & it’s impact on our skin

  1. Sun damages our skin thru UVA (Ultra Violet A) & UVB. UVB damages superficial skin with sun burn while UVA destroys the deeper dermis layer & cause premature aging & skin cancer. Our skin DNA are destroyed by those UV rays too that leads to skin cancer
  2. Our skins produce melanin naturally to protect us from UV rays, If over expose to UV and as we aged (thinner skin), more melanin is produced that leads to spots & pigmentation as it surfaces on the skin
  3. Sun burn is damaged skin thru absorption of UV energy. Extra blood flow is needed to repair, hence the redness. Tanned skin are damaged
  4. SPF means sun protection factor - higher the number, the longer it protects our skin from sun rays but only of the UVB type
  5. PA is a Japanese/Korean rating system to indicate protection level against UVA rays. More + rating means better protection with +++ rating as the highest
  6. Mineral filters deflect & scatter sun’s rays while chemical filters absorb. Mineral/physical filters don’t irate our skin while chemical filters do
  7. Even in offices, we may expose to UVA as it penetrates clouds & glass