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About Skin

How to identify our skin type?

  • NORMAL SKIN - Neither too oily or dry. Shiny look with minor greasy feeling. Not tight nor prone to acne, rashes or redness.
  • COMBINATION SKIN - Can be oily or normal in certain places e.g. T-Zone. Need different care for different places. Larger pores are more visible for oily areas.
  • DRY SKIN - Lack of moisture or sebum. Pattern of fine lines & invisible pores, may crack, itch or peel. Dull & rough complexion with inelastic skin. Some causes are sebum reduction with aging skin & low humidity environment e.g.: Air-Condition
  • OILY SKIN - Increased lipids on skin surface due to over active sebaceous glands. Shiny & thick with enlarged pores. Prone to blackheads & acne. Prevalent in men & teenagers/young adults
  • MATURE SKIN - Reduced sebum production with age & menopause, women sensitive to sun & weather with thinning skin, fines lines, wrinkles & pigmentation. Both collagen & vascular tissues are starting to degenerate.
  • SENSITIVE SKIN - No dermatological definition, easier to have rashes, itchy & stinging skin in response to products or weather, avoid SLS/SLES products

Identify our skin type to ensure right product choice